Videos: Flooding Response in Colorado

October 7, 2013

Video: Stell Family, Arizona Wildfires Photoessay

July 6, 2013

Videos: Arizona Wildfire Response

July 3, 2013

In this video you’ll meet Petey and several other dogs staying at the animal shelter next door to the people shelter in Prescott, Arizona. Here dogs are cared for by a Red Cross partner agency. Pet shelters are very helpful because pet owners feel safe leaving their homes knowing their pets will be well cared for.

Partnerships are critical to the success of any disaster relief operation. The American Red Cross has dozens and dozens of them. One of them is with the Salvation Army. In Arizona, the Salvation Army is providing much of the food for the shelters. For more information on Red Cross disaster responses, go to

Video: The American Red Cross Two Prong response to the Yarnell wildfire in Arizona

July 2, 2013

The American Red Cross has two very distinct but equally important roles in its response to the Yarnell wildfire tragedy that killed 19 firefighters. Those roles are explained in this video, from two separate locations.

VIDEO: Red Cross Bulk Items for Colorado Wildfires

June 28, 2013

Red Cross disaster relief worker Patricia Billinger descibes the items that are available for people moving back into their homes following a wildfire. Items include cleaning supplies and protective clothing.

VIDEO: Red Cross Delivers Meals in Bethel Acres, OK

June 7, 2013

The American Red Cross has served more than 320,000 meals and snacks to people affected by tornadoes in Oklahoma. Red Cross worker, Todd James, visits with volunteers at the Emmanuel Baptist Church in Bethel Acres where lunch and dinner are being delivered every day by the Red Cross for people affected by the storms.

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VIDEO: Building Collapse Day 2

June 6, 2013

The Red Cross continues response to the building collapse in Center City Philadelphia, more than 24 hours after the building first fell. Here’s a look at how the Red Cross is supporting workers and responders continuing work at the site.

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