Disaster Alert: Wildfires in Wyoming

September 12, 2012

Disaster Alert

Wyoming – A wildfire that has been burning since Sunday in Natrona County has scorched about 15,000 acres prompting the evacuation of about 450 people.

Authorities are also monitoring multiple fires burning in Jackson Hole, Teton County.

The ARC of Wyoming is expected to open a shelter and provide mass care for the evacuees. Chapter also has a Disaster Action Team, a shelter and an Emergency Response Vehicle on standby.

Press Release: American Red Cross Opens Shelter for Wildfire Evacuees

September 11, 2012

American Red Cross Opens Shelter for Wildfire Evacuees

Hamilton, MT (September 10, 2012) – The American Red Cross of Montana is responding to a new wildfire in Ravalli County (Sawtooth Fire). On Monday afternoon, Red Cross staff and volunteers began organizing a response which includes the deployment of volunteers, shipment of shelter supplies, and the opening of a shelter. Efforts are being coordinated with government emergency officials and community partners.

The following shelter, operated by a team of trained Red Cross volunteers is open and available to house evacuees:

First Baptist Church, 354 Cooper Street, Hamilton

Anyone needing assistance should call 800-272-6668 and ask for the Red Cross Duty Officer.


Disaster Alert: Wildfires in Washington and Oregon

September 10, 2012

Disaster Alert

Washington – Lightning strikes caused wildfires that threatened scores of homes and prompted the evacuation of local residents in Chelan, Douglas and Yakima Counties on Sunday.

The Apple Valley Chapter deployed team members, opened two shelters and provided Mass Care for emergency responders.

Team members from the Yakima Valley Chapter provided Mass Care to emergency personnel.

Oregon – Dry lightning strikes were responsible for The Pole Creek wildfire that destroyed hundreds of acres threatened homes and prompted evacuations in Deschutes County Oregon since Sunday.

The Oregon Trail Chapter is closely monitoring event and is working with the Oregon Mountain River Chapter to communicate with local Emergency Management and place human and material support on standby to assist, if needed.

Disaster Alert: Wildfire in Oklahoma

September 9, 2012

Disaster Alert

Oklahoma – A grass fire in Tulsa County threatened dozens of homes and prompted the mandatory evacuation of residents within the affected area on Friday.

The Tulsa Area chapter deployed team members and began setting up a shelter for affected-area residents. The fire was extinguished by a rainstorm and shelter was no longer needed.

Disaster Alert: Wildfires in California

September 9, 2012

Disaster Alert

California – The Scotts Fire in Lake County burned hundreds of acres and resulted in the evacuation of nearby residents in the town of Upper Lake on Friday.

In a separate incident, the Stafford Fire in Trinity County burned hundreds of acres and prompted the evacuation of nearby residents late Thursday night. Additional evacuations of residents within the affected area were likely on Friday.

The Sonoma, Mendocino and Lake Counties Chapter deployed team members and opened a shelter for the evacuees. The shelter closed hours later.

Team members from the ARC of Northeastern California Chapter opened a shelter for residents within the affected area.

Disaster Alert: Wildfire in Washington

September 6, 2012

Disaster Alert

Washington – Over 1500 acres have been burned by a wildfire in White Salmon and prompted evacuations. Officials estimate over 300 homes are threatened.

The Southwest Washington Chapter opened a shelter and will be providing meals for the shelter residents.

Press Release: Red Cross Continues to Help Montanans Impacted by Fires

September 2, 2012

Red Cross Continues to Help Montanans Impacted by Fires

Livingston, MT (September 1, 2012)– The American Red Cross of Montana is continuing to assist those affected by wildfires around the state and have two shelters open to support the Pine Creek and Nineteen Mile fires. We are working closely with local emergency officials and community ptners to serve those in need. The two shelters operated by a team of trained Red Cross volunteers are:

St. Teresa of Avila Parrish — 107 E. 2nd Street, Whitehall
Livingston Civic Center — 229 River Drive, Livingston

Red Cross staff and volunteers are aiding families and individuals impacted by these wildfires by providing emergency shelter, food and comfort kits with basic hygiene products including soap, shampoo, and toothpaste to anyone staying in the shelters. In addition to providing basic needs, trained volunteers are on hand to provide emotional support for displaced residents and connect people to other organizations and community resources that can provide additional help. Residents whose homes were damaged as a result of the wildfire should contact the American Red Cross of Montana at 800-272-6668.

“The American Red Cross has been tremendously supportive” said Ed Meece, City Manager of Livingston. “They were here within hours of the initial need, and have been here since then, and will be until the end. They’re a great bunch of folks. I’ve been a City Manager in other places too, and have worked with the Red Cross and other partnering agencies, and it’s always been great,” said Meece.

In response to multiple wildfires since June 25th, the Montana Red Cross has:

  • Operated 17 shelters
  • Provided over 1000 overnight stays to evacuees,
  • Provided over 19,700 meals and snacks to local residents and firefighters,
  • Provided drinking water and other hydration fluids to over 700 firefighters,
  • Distributed more than 1,500 relief items including hygiene kits and cleaning supplies
  • In addition, over 1400 health and mental health services contacts have been made.