Disaster Update: Hurricane Odile in Mexico

Hurricane Odile struck Mexico’s Baja peninsula on late Sunday evening. Now graded as a Tropical Storm, the system is still active and slowly moving up the peninsula.

Roughly 80% of the areas in Hurricane Odile’s path are without electricity and approximately 3,000 people have had to evacuate their homes, as of September 15. In response, 120 Mexican Red Cross paramedics are providing basic medical check-ups and delivering food to people housed in shelters.

Five municipalities on the peninsula have declared a state of emergency in response to the Category-3 storm. Airports and highways have been damaged and seaports have closed due to high winds. In Cabo San Lucas, approximately 15,000 national and international tourists have been stranded. Thus far there have been no reported storm related deaths, although roughly 100 minor injuries have been reported.

The Mexican Red Cross is working alongside the Mexican Army and Navy, as well as the government of Mexico’s Civil Protection Agency and the National Emergency Commission to determine the most urgent needs and assess the full extent of damage.

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