American Red Cross Contribution to Syrian Response

The ongoing crisis in Syria has affected 9.3 million people, or 43 percent of the total population, and has claimed the lives of more than 100,000. An estimated 6.5 million people are internally displaced within Syria, and an additional 2.3 million refugees have fled the country.

The influx of refugees in neighboring countries including Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and Turkey is straining the resources of host communities, where the most pressing needs continue to be access to adequate shelter, food, health care and education. In addition, the winter has brought   an increased need for blankets, stoves and protective clothing due to the current winter weather.

In Syria, education has been disrupted for 3 million children and the conflict has caused long term damage to the ecomony with an estimated 60% of the work force currently unemployed.

The American Red Cross continues to support the humanitarian relief efforts caused by the crsiis in Syria.  An additional $500,000 has been committed to the relief efforts.  This contribution will support services to Syrian refugees in Iraq, where the Iraqi Red Crescent is distributing relief supplies, setting up tents and providing health care and clean water.

This brings the total support of the American Red Cross to more than $1.5 million to date.  The American Red Cross also sent a shelter specialist to Lebanon to support the Lebanese Red Crescent.







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