Disaster Update: American Red Cross Commits $470,000 for Recovery from Hurricanes Manuel and Ingrid in Mexico

Hurricanes Manuel and Ingrid hit the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of Mexico almost simultaneously in mid-September 2013. An estimated 1.2 million people were affected by rain, flooding, high winds and landslides. The Mexican government reports that the storms caused over 165 deaths and displaced an estimated 14,000 people into evacuation shelters. Approximately 40,000 acres of agricultural land in the Tierra Caliente region were damaged. An estimated 22,000 homes in the state of Guerrero were also damaged.

The Mexican Red Cross activated all its branches, deployed volunteers to affected regions and is continuing recovery efforts in affected communities. The Mexican Red Cross has collected and distributed 7,700 tons of humanitarian aid, including food, hygiene kits, household cleanup kits and kitchen sets to help affected populations rebuild and recover. The American Red Cross contributed an initial $150,000 in September to procure kitchen kits, clean up kits and hygiene kits. 

The American Red Cross has committed an additional $320,000 to purchase much-needed cots for people displaced by the storm who remain without bedding and other key necessities. Sleeping on elevated cots is safer and healthier than sleeping on the ground in flood-prone areas. This brings the total American Red Cross contribution to support ongoing Mexican Red Cross response efforts to $470,000.  

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