Story: Chicago Bears Join American Red Cross Relief Effort

Chicago Bears kicker Robbie Gould was among the seven active players and alumni who visited Coal City and Diamond, Ill. Nov. 19 to help the Red Cross’ relief effort following the tornado outbreak.

IL Tornado Response

Linebacker Blake Costanzo, cornerbacks Zack Bowman and Sherrick McManis and former safety Tom Zbikowski and former players Rashied Davis and Anthony Adams also pitched in to help. The players worked alongside Red Cross volunteers in the Diamond Estates subdivision, one of the hardest hit areas. They unload supplies from emergency response vehicles and hand out boxed lunches to residents who welcomed the surprise visitors with bear-sized hugs.

Bears fan Ed Hajduk was at Soldier Field in downtown Chicago watching his favorite team when the tornado struck his town in Grundy County. He raced home concerned about his family. Everyone escaped unharmed, but the home is in shambles. Two days later, Ed was standing on his driveway picking up debris when Robbie and the Red Cross stopped by.

“It’s hard, but to have the moral support that you have from the community—and from the Bears and Red Cross, God love ’em—that’s what it’s all about,” Hajduk said.

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