Disaster Alert: Hurricane Raymond

Hurricane Raymond is a category 3 hurricane, heading toward the Mexican states of Guerrero and Michoacán. Mexico’s Civil Protection agency has declared a red alert in three municipalities: one in Guerrero and two in Michoacán. Some preventative evacuations of at-risk communities have also been undertaken and school classes have been suspended. The Mexican Red Cross has put all of its delegations on alert and is in permanent contact with Mexico’s Civil Protection agency to continue monitoring the event. Some 15,000 food parcels, 3,000 hygiene kits, 1,000 kitchen kits and 500 home-cleaning kits have been pre-positioned close to the area.

There are currently 50 damage evaluation personnel in Acapulco, Mexico and 250 volunteers in the area. Along with rescue units, Mexican Red Cross staff and volunteers are supporting evacuations, as well as assisting at the shelters equipped for food delivery. Since Monday evening, rains have continued along the Pacific coast, causing water levels of some rivers to increase—but have not yet resulted in flooding.

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