Story: CO Floods

CO Flood Response

Jacque Watson knows Lyons, Colorado very well. She’s lived here her entire life and is a big part of this community. She’s the town’s economic developer, as well as in community relations and the deputy town clerk. So, it was no wonder that her phone rang constantly the night of September 11, as the rains poured down and the flooding started.

“The people were calling me all night long, so concerned about the river,” she said. At 1:30 a.m., the decision was made to sound the evacuation sirens – and Jacque has been busy ever since.

“I’ve been helping in the rescue operation, setting up the evacuation center, and getting information to the town,” she said, adding that taking care of her own family, including three kids, has been secondary.

So it was no wonder that she was glad to see volunteers arriving from the American Red Cross to assist in the restoration efforts.
“It has been such a relief to see that a bigger presence in the world, such as the American Red Cross, wants to come and help us out. People really do care about us and haven’t forgotten us!” she said.

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