Story: Moving Forward

Moving Forward


The enormity of a storm ultimately reveals the strength of a foundation. Many foundations were put to the test by the flash floods that ravaged communities throughout Colorado. In the wake of the deadly storms many families find themselves salvaging what’s left or starting over.

One of the oldest homesteads in Boulder County was mostly spared from the brunt of floodwaters. Just over a week after the storm moved through the area, the Agriculture Heritage Center staff and volunteers were back at work mending fences and repairing damage to some of the properties 130 year old foundations, providing their neighbors with a sense of normalcy.

“We rebuild; it’s all we can do,” said Charles Reed, a mason by trade, and handyman for the historic homestead now turned heritage center. His simple straightforward words reflect the strength of a community founded upon the back of miners and farmers. As many communities begin the process of recovering, the Red Cross is by their side providing vital resources as families begin coming back to their communities weeks after the storms left them homeless.

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