Disaster Update: American Red Cross Responding to Namibia Drought

Namibia is suffering from drought conditions due to the lowest seasonal rainfall in decades, followed by exceptionally hot and dry conditions during the winter. Water levels are quickly decreasing and almost half of the water points have run dry.

In May 2013, the government of Namibia declared a state of emergency. The drought has impacted agricultural production and severely affected grazing pastures in regions that rely on livestock production. More than 4,000 livestock deaths have already been recorded.

Since the beginning of this operation, the Namibia Red Cross has worked alongside the global Red Cross network and other humanitarian partners to develop an operations plan and complete needs assessments. The global Red Cross network is supporting the Namibia Red Cross with their plan of reaching 55,000 people with emergency relief items, food and agriculture supplies. In addition, they will support training for farmers on improved farming practices, such as using drought tolerant and early maturing crops.

Volunteers will also be trained to conduct malnutrition screenings and set up health facility referrals for beneficiaries. The American Red Cross has committed $70,000 to support the response operation. This contribution will help the Namibia Red Cross provide food and emergency relief supplies to those impacted by this drought.

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