Disaster Updates: Flooding in NY, PA, NC

New York – In the last two weeks, the Red Cross remains on the scene, providing aid and relief assistance to people impacted by severe flooding in various parts of the state. With more than 2,500 homes affected by the recent floods, Red Cross response effort remains focused on distributing bulk distribution relief items such as water, food, hygiene kits, mops, shovels and work gloves. Red Cross health service volunteers continue to provide first aid, medical assessments and referrals. Mental health professionals are also on-site providing emotional support, crisis counseling and education on what people may experience in the aftermath of the floods. As immediate needs are met, the Red Cross continues to meet one-on-one with affected families and individuals to help them onto the road to recovery.

In response to the New York floods, the Red Cross has:

  • Opened 4 shelters providing more than 300 overnight stays
  • Served more than 25,300 meals and snacks
  • Distributed nearly 22,000 bulk items such as bleach, work gloves, trash bags and comfort kits
  • Provided nearly 1,800 health services and mental health contacts.

Pennsylvania – The Red Cross continues to respond to the needs of residents impacted by major flooding in Western Pennsylvania. The Red Cross is meeting with local partners like emergency management officials and other disaster relief organizations to share information and discuss unmet needs of affected residents.

To date, the Red Cross has:

  • Opened 2 shelters providing more than 160 overnight stays
  • Served nearly 1,300 meals and snacks in partnership with the Salvation Army
  • Distributed over 700 comfort items and clean up kits
  • Provided 160 health services and mental health contacts.

North Carolina – The Red Cross is responding to new and existing flooding in North Carolina by providing aid and relief assistance to affected residents. Yesterday’s storm with heavy rainfall in Mecklenburg County caused severe flooding, prompting evacuations of impacted communities. Ongoing threat of flooding and landslides remain.  Red Cross workers remain on the scene, and are conducting damage assessment, distributing relief supplies and meeting one-on-one with residents in the impacted areas.

Regarding the Chapel Hill flooding earlier this month, the Red Cross continues to provide meals and snacks to families cleaning up their communities. For these floods, to date, the Red Cross has:

  • Opened 1 shelter, providing more than 100 overnight stays since the initial floods
  • Served nearly 7,000 meals and snacks
  • Provided 90 health services and mental health contacts
  • Distributed 370 relief items such as mops, brushes, bleach and work gloves.

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