Disaster Alert: Tropical Storm Chantal

Caribbean — Tropical Storm Chantal continued to move northwestward through the Atlantic Ocean and into the Caribbean Sea early Wednesday morning, with sustained wind speeds reaching 65 mph. The storm is expected to intensify before making landfall over the island of Hispaniola Wednesday afternoon. Several countries remain under tropical storm warnings, including Haiti, the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas.

Strong winds, flooding and landslides have been reported throughout the region and will continue to pose threats as the storm moves.

In Haiti, the Red Cross has activated early warning systems and text message alerts. Emergency Response Teams are on standby and several field teams have been deployed to high-risk zones, spreading updates via warning signs, flags and megaphone announcements.

In the Dominican Republic, the Red Cross network is coordinating with the national response system and partners – including the ministries of Public Health and Public Works – to prepare and place volunteers, ambulances, rescue vehicles, community health personnel, and water and sanitation vehicles.

The American Red Cross supports disaster preparedness and response activities throughout the Caribbean and is working with its regional partners to closely monitor the storm.

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