Story: A Diamond Anniversary

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Photo credit Matthew O’Connor, Canadian Red Cross

Story Vicki Eichstaedt, American Red Cross

It was a rough day as Alex and Doris Shiskowski, marked their 50-year, Diamond Anniversary. On June 29, 2013 they came home; finally allowed back into High River, Alberta, Canada after the devastating floods that swept through parts of Alberta

Doris shook her head and said ruefully, “If we had only known how much water was coming and how fast, we would have grabbed our wedding album. You know we kept it downstairs, like everyone does, how could you imagine it?”

“We were all so shocked,” Alex added, “the water came up so quickly, there was just no time. We kept what we could, but I don’t know if they can really be saved.”

Canadian Red Cross worker Calli Forbes, spoke with Alex and Doris in the crowded garage of their home, the noise of the fans working to dry the basement in the background. Calli and her coworker Matt O’Connor were able to offer some needed clean up supplies and even some information on taking care of photographs after a flood.

“We were lucky, Alex and Doris smiled at one another, “yes, said Doris, we have been truly fortunate, so many have lost so much, but we have what’s important.”

This amazing couple demonstrated the brave spirit of resilience that we heard from so many in High River as we walked through the neighborhoods to check-in with folks, offer supplies, and listen to their stories. As an American Red Cross volunteer on loan to Canada, I was reminded that people are more alike than they are different; we are One Red Cross.




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