Disaster Update: Floods in New York

Disaster Update

June 30 – The American Red Cross of Northeastern New York will continue relief operations tomorrow in Fort Plain, Montgomery County. The distribution of cleaning materials will continue at the United Methodist Church, 39 Center Street in Fort Plain. Bleach, masks, gloves, and mops will be available at the church, beginning around 10am. Additional tools for clean-up, such as shovels, will also be available sometime tomorrow. Today, workers distributed about 260 cleaning kits,about 1100 individual items, close to 300 comfort kits containing hygiene products, and nearly 3000 snack items.

The Red Cross mobile kitchen will remain in operation Monday at the Elementary School. Today, the Red Cross served approximately 400 lunches to people in the neighborhoods and another 100 at the shelter. This evening, hot meals were prepared for about 500 people and were distributed by staffers throughout the downtown area. They expect to feed about the same numbers tomorrow for both lunch and dinner.

The shelter at the Elementary School is expected to remain open until at least Tuesday. About 50 people stayed at the shelter Saturday night, and most are expected to be there for the next few days. Disaster Assessment teams will continue their work tomorrow, meeting with residents to determine immediate needs and establish long-term recovery plans. Health Service and Mental Health Service workers are available at the Elementary School.

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