Photo: Eagle Pass, TX Flooding

Texas Flooding - Eagle Pass

The rains had stopped and the sun was out in Eagle Pass, TX. The Cordova family was wrapping up their stay at the Eagle Pass Jr High School, meeting with the Client Casework Team. The family home had been totally destroyed by the flooding in Eagle Pass. All their possessions were gone from the water and mud that entered their home. Francisco, the father, had already been busy for several days removing sheetrock and cleaning the floors and walls of his home.

The family was grateful for all the assistance that is being provided to them by the American Red Cross. They truly felt all their emergency needs had been met. They were working with other local partners to continue on their road to recovery.

Their children were smiling with new stuffed animals tucked under their arms as they got in the car to depart for their new residence.

Photo Credit: Judy DelSignore/American Red Cross

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