Story: Well wishes from a Red Cross volunteer who cares

Story and photos by Patricia Kemp

When Dick Hoffmann went to the Red Cross aid station at School in the Woods June 19, he was swarmed by volunteers eager to load his pickup truck with outdoor cleanup supplies.

“The Red Cross really cares about me and my family,” said Dick. “Everyone’s so helpful, coming up to me asking what I need -water, buckets, rakes, shovels.”

Volunteer Denise Brill went a step further and offered to help unload the truck for the Black Forest resident whose property is only 900 yards from the aid station. Denise followed Dick to where his house used to stand on Hardin Road, now reduced to ash and twisted metal. Together, they walked around broken tea cups floating in gray soot and past a melted swing set where Dick’s grandson would play.

On the far side of the property a wishing well remains standing, untouched by the inferno – a sign of hope that Dick’s family can recover with support of volunteers like Denise who care and wish him the best.

Colorado Wildfires

Volunteers help Dick Hoffmann load his truck with outdoor cleanup supplies.

Colorado Wildfires

Volunteer Denise Brill and Dick Hoffmann walk past the melted swing set where his grandson used to play. 

Colorado Wildfires

Volunteer Denise Brill took outdoor cleanup supplies from the Red Cross aid station to Dick Hoffmann’s property that was destroyed by Black Forest fire. 

Colorado WildfiresVolunteer Denise Brill asks Dick Hoffmann how he’s coping in the aftermath of the Black Forest fire. 

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