Story: Red Cross Donations at Work Feeding Families Affected by Sandy

The American Red Cross continues to help people affected by Sandy every day by partnering with local organizations through grant awards. Island Harvest, a food bank for Long Island, is one such partner organization.

The Red Cross awarded Island Harvest a multi-million dollar grant to provide more than roughly three million meals to people recovering from Sandy.

Sabrina, an Island Harvest site assessor, was working at a community event at the East Rockaway Recreation Center distributing food to Sandy affected residents when she met Jim, a Long Island resident.

“When Jim came to us he was a bit embarrassed because he never thought about asking for food assistance, even though his need for food was a temporary situation,” Sabrina said.

She added that Jim and his family lost their home, car and personal belongings when Sandy hit.

“After talking with us and listening to others who had been affected, Jim began to change his feelings about the situation and realized he was not alone.”

Sabrina gave Jim’s family a disaster relief box full of food, along with information about how he could get more food if needed.

“He was grateful,” Sabrina said. “Jim thanked the Red Cross and Island Harvest for continuing to help.”

The assistance Jim and his family received would not have been possible without the generosity of those who donated to American Red Cross Sandy relief efforts. The Red Cross thanks its donors for their support.

Hurricane Sandy 2012

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