Disaster Alert: Cyclone Mahsen

Disaster Alert

On May 16, 2013 Cyclone Mahsen made landfall in southern Bangladesh and Myanmar bringing strong winds and flooding that affected 1.5 million people. 26,000 houses were destroyed, 124,000 were damaged and over one million people were evacuated to cyclone shelters. The Bangladesh Red Crescent mobilized over 50,000 volunteers from the Cyclone Preparedness Program, which is supported by the American Red Cross on an ongoing basis, to assist in evacuations and early warning before the storm made landfall.

After the storm, the Bangladesh Red Crescent conducted search and rescue operations and distributed food and water. It has also provided first aid and relief supplies, such as tarps and jerry cans, and distributed cash grants to those affected by the storm. The American Red Cross has committed $100,000 for cash grants which will allow people to purchase food, essential household items and materials to repair their homes.

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