DISASTER ALERT: Flooding in Alaska

More than 200 people have been evacuated from Galena by the Tanana Chiefs Conference (TCC) due to severe Yukon River flooding. Evacuees with friends and family in Anchorage and Fairbanks to stay with were flown out on Monday. Those who had to quickly leave their flooding homes before being able to retrieve necessary medications were also evacuated by the TCC. They are being assisted with shelter and immediate needs by the American Red Cross of Alaska in Anchorage and Fairbanks.
UPDATE: Two Red Cross shelters are operating in Fairbanks for Galena evacuees:
University Community Presbyterian Church- 3510 College Road
Fairhill Community Church of God- 101 City Lights Blvd
Red Cross and other officials are urging Galena evacuees to register their well being at redcross.org/safeandwell. Safe and Well is a Red Cross program that helps to reconnect families and loved ones after disaster.
Once flood waters recede, Red Cross will be able to conduct damage assessment in Galena and begin to distribute cleanup supplies to affected homes.
More ice jams threaten the Lower Kuskokwim River communities as Spring Breakup continues in Alaska’s interior. Communities have been contacted by Red Cross staff and volunteers to review preparedness and emergency plans. Volunteers are on standby to open a shelter in Bethel in the coming days in the instance that these communities must evacuate.

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