STORY: “No matter where you are at there is a Red Cross truck.”

By Taylor Kelling and Jonathan McNamara

On May 20th, 2013 Ed and Diane Steiner returned to their home in Moore, OK after a normal day. Their house was soon rocked by a devastating EF-5 tornado that severely damaged their home and destroyed most of the structures in their neighborhood. The Steiners survived the tornados in a small closet, the most interior room of their home. “It was pretty fast after we got home… he heard the tornado… you could feel the house being torn apart and I think that tiny space saved us” said Diane Steiner. The Steiner’s were trapped in the closet for about thirty minutes until a woman came to help them break out of the debris.

In the days since the tornado, the Steiners have been impressed by the response from the American Red Cross. “The Red Cross, everyday that I have been here, the Red Cross truck and the volunteers have been up and down the street on an hourly basis” said Ed Steiner, “I know they had 17 miles to take care of… theres 17 miles of destruction… and they are still the same folks… no matter where you are at there is a Red Cross truck.”

The Steiners, who are Red Cross donors, have been amazed how far their donor dollar goes. “You know you give to the Red Cross and you don’t really know where its going… but we’ve been able to see it first hand.” said Diane Steiner.

For more information about the American Red Cross response to the Oklahoma tornadoes, visit and follow us on twitter @redcrossokc.

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