Story: Oklahoma Tornado Family Grateful They Still Have Each Other

harper family 3

The Harper family may be without electricity but they’re grateful they still have each other.  On Sunday, Cheryl and Paul Harper visited our MARC (Multi-Agency Resource Center) at Westmoore High School, in Moore, Oklahoma with their granddaughter, Michaela.

Michaela, who is 10 years old lives in neighboring Oklahoma City, remembers hearing the storm warnings on the news.  “I’m glad my grandparents are safe.  It was scary.”

While at the MARC, Michaela picked out two cards that other children made for families affected by the Oklahoma tornadoes.  For her family, she chose a card that said “Don’t worry, be happy.”

harper family 1

For a friend’s family, who lost their house, she chose a card with the Red Cross emblem drawn on the front that read, “I hope you are fine and healthy.  Be confident and happy.”

harper family 2

The Harper’s fence and pecan tree were destroyed in the storms but they are so thankful for everyone who has made a financial donation or volunteered.  “People from across the country are here to help us.  A stranger from Colorado helped me put a new fence up,” said Paul.  “Oklahomans are friendly people and we’re happy to have the support.”

— Story by and Photo Credit:  Jecoliah Ellis/American Red Cross

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