UPDATE: North Texas Tornado

For the past eight days, the American Red Cross has been providing safe shelter to families in Granbury who were displaced from their homes after the May 15 tornadoes. Tonight, the shelter at the First Christian Church has closed as each family now has a safe place to stay. Even though the shelter has closed, the work of the Red Cross is far from over. As families work to clear debris and salvage all they can, relief workers continue to canvas the neighborhoods to ensure that everyone has food, water, relief items such as rakes, trash bags and work gloves, first aid support and lots of hugs.

To date, the American Red Cross in North Texas has:

  • Served up nearly 22,000 meals and snacks
  • Handed out nearly 9,000 relief items
  • Managed three safe shelters for a total of 88 people (2 in Granbury, 1 in Cleburne)
  • Conducted more than 500 conversations to help people cope with their emotions
  • Convened a Joint Assistance Center at the Church of Christ in Granbury
  • Established mobile and fixed Aid Stations in both Cleburne and Granbury
  • Utilized the skills of 225 trained American Red Cross volunteers


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