Photo: OK Tornado Response

Oklahoma Tornado Response

Armed with water, snacks, mental health and health services, a group of volunteers from all over Oklahoma are heading out to help people in their own communities. They started at 7 this morning and have been canvassing neighborhoods, delivering supplies to the neighborhoods of Moore.

Debbie Spaeth a Red Cross volunteer from Oklahoma City said that going out into the neighborhoods is very important right now, “people can’t get around, their cars are damaged and roads are closed so brining supplies and our services is a big help.” Debbie mentioned that not only cars are making it hard for people to get around, but broken wheelchairs and walkers have kept people in their homes, “they are so grateful when they see us.”

Debbie, who is friends with a woman whose child was lost in the elementary school that was hit by Monday’s tornado said that volunteering with the Red Cross is her way of dealing with the disaster-helping to make a difference in the lives of those in her community.

You can see by her smile, that she brightens the lives of others.

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