DISASTER ALERT: American Red Cross Responds to Flooding in Kenya

Seasonal rains starting in March 2013 have caused severe flooding and landslides in Kenya, destroying houses, crops and vital infrastructure, forcing affected populations to leave their homes in search of safer areas.

Flooding has displaced 10,000 households, caused 39 deaths and destroyed 640 households completely.  Rains are forecasted to continue into the month of June and could worsen flooding and cause further displacement and destruction. Immediate needs include search and rescue services, safe shelter, access to water and improved sanitation, health and hygiene education, and grants to enable affected populations to purchase the supplies they need in areas where markets are functioning.

The American Red Cross has committed $200,000 dollars to the relief program that will be used to provide cash grants for purchase of replacement household items.  American Red Cross staff located in Nairobi are working closely with the Kenyan Red Cross and monitoring the evolving situation. 

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