STORY: Flooding in Michigan

Flooding in Michigan

The water just kept rising and rising in Lowell. Homes were surrounded by water in some neighborhoods including the one where Lowell and Brenda Raymor lived. While many of their neighbors went to higher ground, Lowell and Brenda stayed behind.

“We paid our last house payment this month,” Brenda said. “We officially own this house and we’re not leaving it!”

The Raymor’s home had water in the first floor. Their yard was completely flooded and some people had to use small boats to get around the neighborhood, but the Raymors were determined to stay at their home and keep watch.

“I’m the guy on his porch making sure the neighborhood stays safe,” said Lowell. He’s also the guy with a huge heart, bringing back supplies from Red Cross to help his community recover from the flood damage.

Volunteers at a Red Cross shelter gave the Raymors a shovel, snacks, bottled water, and clean-up kits, which have cleaning supplies, gloves, a mop, and more. The Raymors then took those things back to their home and shared extra supplies with their neighbors.

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