DISASTER ALERT: Flooding in Mozambique

Mozambique Flood Response

Heavy rains in January 2013 caused flooding in Mozambique, destroying houses, schools, health centers and crops, forcing the affected populations to leave their homes in search of safer areas.

These floods have affected more than 230,000 people, displaced 180,000 and killed more than 100 people since the beginning of the rainy season in October 2012.

The Mozambique Red Cross has mobilized over 200 volunteers to assist in the response, which includes needs assessments, distribution of relief supplies, health promotion and water and sanitation activities.  The American Red Cross is committing $100,000 to provide shelter and kitchen kits to people who have been displaced by the floods.  In addition, Red Cross has deployed relief workers from around the world to assist with assessment, mass sanitation and health needs.

 The threat of more rain from Tropical Storm Haruna could worsen flooding and cause further displacement and destruction in Mozambique and surrounding countries.

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