Explosion in Mexico

Following a major explosion in Polanco, Mexico, 35 ambulances and five rescue vehicles from the Mexican Red Cross have responded to a call for assistance. A rapid intervention unit specializing in Rescue in Collapsed Structures, which is equipped with critical lifesaving equipment  was also on scene.

Around 200 volunteers from the organization have been working together with other rescue teams to search, extract and transport the dead and injured in this tragic accident. At present 32 people have been rescued and transferred to nearby hospitals by Mexican Red Cross ambulances.

At the organization’s National Headquarters, Fernando Suinaga Cardenas highlighted the work being done by Red Cross paramedics despite the risks to their own lives.

“You are the hope of thousands of citizens, your work is essential when facing a tragedy such as this explosion in the Pemex building,” he said. “Not only because of the speed and efficiency with which you carry out your work, but also because of the quality and warmth you offer to the wounded, as part of our humanitarian principles.”

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