Disaster Update: American Red Cross Contributes $50,000 to Zimbabwe Disaster Relief

Wednesday, January 23, 2013 – The American Red Cross is contributing $50,000 to help those affected by food insecurity caused by drought and below-normal rainfall in Zimbabwe.

The disaster has impacted approximately 1.6 million people primarily in the southern regions of the country. Droughts over the past two years, along with poor agricultural practices and limited access to supplies, have contributed to a smaller harvest and worsening conditions. Below-normal rainfall is predicted to continue in the south for the upcoming season as well. Assessments have indicated an immediate need for food, agriculture support and clean water.

The Zimbabwe Red Cross is coordinating with the government and other international organizations to respond to the food and water shortage. With the support of partners from the global Red Cross network, the Zimbabwe Red Cross hopes to reach 10,000 people with food, agriculture support, and water and sanitation activities. It is also developing plans aimed at reducing risk during future disasters.

The American Red Cross contribution will go to support water and sanitation activities in the affected regions.

For more information on the disaster, visit http://www.redcrosszim.org.zw/.

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