STORY: Dedicated Volunteers in Logistics—Transportation for Hurricane Sandy

Written by Colleen Shanahan

Transportation logistics Ronny and Manuel[1]

Things don’t just happen on a disaster operation, they need to be planned, organized, managed and executed. This process involves a lot of different people with different talents in numerous locations. Ronny Crosby and Manuel Torres are two critical elements of this process on DR 145, Hurricane Sandy. Ronny and Manuel did not know each other before this operation, but agreed that one of the best things about being here is making new friends. They understand that each person’s role is valuable and we are all one team wanting to accomplish the Red Cross mission.

Ronny and Manuel both work in Logistics – Transportation. They help with the coordination and management of the rental vehicles on this operation, making sure each one gets to where it is needed and remains operational. Logistics also does follow-up to track all vehicles, including damaged or missing rental cars. They ask that you help them out by reporting all accidents, making sure your car is still needed, (not sitting unused in a garage) and turning it in trash- free and filled with gas.

Ronny arrived two days before the storm hit in October traveling from Biloxi, Mississippi. He volunteered for three weeks into November, working out of White Plains and Manhattan, New York offices. Since he enjoyed his first assignment, he is back again for another deployment. He has worked on eight other national operations and is a Disaster Action Team member at his local chapter.

In contrast, Manuel is from Amarillo, Texas and is working on his first disaster. He commented on the incredible things that people are doing here. He stated, “With a variety of backgrounds and talents, we make a great Red Cross Team to get the work done and help the clients.”

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