Disaster Update: Sandy Recovery Info

Disaster Update

FEMA and other government partners are prioritizing needs in the affected communities, and they have requested that the Red Cross focus its assistance first on three groups of people who have already been identified as needing aid:

  • People in New York and New Jersey whose homes were destroyed and are in need of either repair assistance or longer-term rental housing;
  • Those whose homes were destroyed in states which did not receive federal disaster money;
  • People with demonstrated needs that exceed what can be met by insurance, FEMA and state resources.

Part of the Red Cross efforts over the next several months will involve one-on-one work helping those who have trouble finding assistance on their own. These are the types of activities a survivor doesn’t want to go through alone, and Red Cross workers can provide expertise and a shoulder to lean on during the process. That includes helping people fill out insurance paperwork, identify child care resources, find new housing, and connect with social services in their communities.

In addition, the Red Cross will be supporting projects and programs of other non-profit groups in the New York and New Jersey areas, such as working with several local food banks to help Sandy survivors have access to food during the new year.

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