Disaster Alert: Typhoon Bopha

Disaster Alert

Philippines – Typhoon Bopha made landfall early this morning on the eastern coast of Mindanao Island in the Philippines as a category 4 typhoon with winds topping 109mph and gusts over 130mph. Bopha is expected to transverse provinces in the upper half of Mindanao before exiting the northern part of Palawan into the sea west of Philippines. Authorities ordered the pre-emptive evacuation of 42,000 people living in high-risk areas.

The Philippines Red Cross (PRC) has been monitoring the situation 24/7 and have put their volunteers, rescue teams and medical teams on stand-by to respond quickly to the impact of Typhoon Bopha. They are currently assessing the damage, community needs, and developing a response plan based on that assessment. They have requested assistance from the global Red Cross network to dispatch supplies from a warehouse in the Philippines and support emergency sheltering operations.

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