Disaster Alert: Malawi

Disaster Alert

Malawi – As a result of low food production and an increasing economic crisis, Malawi is facing a critical food shortage, affecting an estimated 1.9 million people. Heavy rains and flooding followed by a prolonged dry spell resulted in poor harvest this fall. The food shortage is concentrated in central and southern Malawi, affect and is exacerbated by fuel shortages, rising food prices, and rapid inflation which occurred earlier this year.

The Malawi Red Cross is coordinating with the Malawi government and other international organizations to plan a response strategy to the current food shortage. With support from the global Red Cross network, they plan to reach 17,500 of the most vulnerable people with food packages, emergency health, hygiene promotion and agricultural support. The American Red Cross is contributing $150,000 to support this relief effort and will continue to monitor the ongoing disaster through our Red Cross partners in the region.

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