Story: Southern Baptist Convention

Story and Photo by Edgar Maldonado

The American Red Cross has a unique partnership with the Southern Baptist Convention. We purchase the food and they cook the hot meals that go out in Red Cross feeding trucks. They even wash our dirty laundry. Our extensive feeding operation continues, with kitchens and fixed feeding sites spread across New York and New Jersey. So far we have served 5.8 million meals and snacks.

We are proud to have such a special relationship with the Southern Baptist Convention and so are they. As pastor Terry Hall said about the Red Cross, “their attitudes and smiles were a real encouragement… I have never worked with a Red Cross team that was as friendly and willing to help as this one was. … they joked with us, they laughed with us, they ran to help us carry things; they could not tell us enough how much they appreciated us and what we were doing.” The Red Cross could not be happier for the help and encouragement that the Southern Baptist Convention brings to the table; they are an invaluable partnership when disasters strikes.

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