Story: Neighborhood Clean-Up


Photo and story by Winnie Romeril

“You guys in the Red Cross are doing a super job. Thank you for coming and helping us,”  Anthony Luizzo told Red Cross volunteers.  The Red Cross has been going through neighborhoods like Mr. Luizzo’s distributing clean up supplies, hot meals, and friendly conversations.

After 22 years in the NYPD, Anthony Luizzo knew about bring prepared. He boarded up his house and evacuated before the storm. “I told my neighbors to do the same but they wouldn’t listen. One of my neighbors had to swim for her life and she made it. Others did not. People here died.” Luzzio shows the waterline in his sun porch and then turns his thoughts to the future. ” I want to stay here and maybe put in a crows nest so I can watch the water, I still love to watch it out there.”

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