Story: Volunteers Helping Children

Story written by Dick Fernandez

In the lower floor of the Nassau Community College shelter we found Wanda King, Greg Miller and Linda Watson setting up for another day of servicing the children who are staying at the shelter.  When the parent of a child needs a break, they bring their child to this area.  Upon sign-in, both the parent and child are issued the same color band for identification purposes.  In this area the child has the opportunity to play, read books and play various games with the trained personnel.

If the child expresses anxiety or sad thoughts through his/her drawings, the trained personnel will work with the child.  The parent has the ability to have lunch with their child and then return them to the play area for the rest of the day.  This service is available from 10:00am until 4:30pm, everyday.  Since November 3, 2012, this service has supported between 15 to 20 children per day or 200 children in a two week period.  This special group of volunteers have been providing this service for over 30 years and have been to every major disaster during that time.  Our hats are off to these very special volunteers and the service they provide.

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