Story: Tight-Knit in Lindenhurst, NY

Story and photo by Dick McGee

While waiting for his hot meals from the American Red Cross Emergency Response Vehicle, Jack Snee related how he and his neighbors are a tightly knit social group. The common bond between them has enabled about ten families to help one another through the recovery process after Superstorm Sandy. Jack’s house is at the end of a dead end street on the waterfront in Lindenhurst, Long Island, NY.  This neighborhood group has shared the good times, and the bad, for several years. “We are really coming along quite well,” he said.

Jack shares his home with his parents, a sister, and her daughter. “Nearly everyone around here evacuated early,” he recalled. “I got my parents out and we left on Sunday afternoon.”  But he was amazed by the apparent force of the storm surge. Jack described the bewilderment he felt upon returning home for the first time. “I absolutely couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” he remembered. “There was a house right there in the middle of the street, and three or four really large boats in the front yards,” he exclaimed, pointing out where these strange sights had occurred. “I realized I couldn’t stay here with four feet of water in the house, so I went to stay with a buddy for about a week.”

Jack, who has recently been promoted to Manager of an Outback Steak House in the area, was adamant in his praise of the Red Cross. “What you people have been doing to help us is absolutely wonderful. A group of us in the neighborhood were talking about it just last night, and we agreed that because of the Red Cross relief efforts , and with the way we all pull together for each other, we really couldn’t ask for anything more.”

With a final “Thank you” to the Red Cross, Jack picked up his five hot lunch meals, with fruit, snacks and water and headed for his house to find shelter from the gently falling rain.


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