Story: Mr. Peace

Mr. William Peace used to install and maintain underground cable wiring for a telephone company.  Mr. Peace is a resident of Oceanport NJ and lives at the Ashbury Tower, an elderly community.  He is now 69 and needs special attention because he is blind.  He was evacuated on the 12th of November and he was brought to the Monmouth racetrack shelter.

Mr. Peace is very happy to be at the Monmouth shelter; here he gets assistance 24 hours a day.  A Red Cross volunteer is always with him, taking him by the hand everywhere he needs to go.  This physical connection to the Red Cross is very special to him, as touch is the primary way he ‘sees’ his world. The Red Cross is making sure that Mr. Peace always has a hand because as he said, “I feel safe in the hands of the American Red Cross.”


Photo and story by Edgar Maldonado

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