Story: “First Sergeant” Helen

Story by Charlotte Rodriguez

It is appropriate that Helen Miller, affectionately known in her chapter as the First Sergeant, is currently leading a sheltering team. A Red Cross volunteer since 1991, Helen has deployed more than 40 times and is skilled in sheltering as well as feeding and driving an emergency response vehicle.

Her team of eight volunteers is at the Staten Island shelter which is located on two floors in a wing of a former hospital. About 40 residents, their cats, dogs and a rabbit, from the impacted surrounding area are sleeping at the shelter while several hundred come to the shelter for meals. Helen is proud of her team and stated that their shelter was recently commended for “knowing what they were doing” by the City Health Inspector.

Always ready to lend a hand, Helen can be found often at the Onslow County North Carolina Chapter or on a call to respond to local fires or other disasters.

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