Story: I Love You, Red Cross

Hurricane Sandy 2012
Photo: Gary Bishop/American Red Cross

“I didn’t think things would get better. I thought it’s going to be like this forever.” Kathleen Prout choked back tears as she told her story of suffering through these last two weeks since the landfall of Superstorm Sandy.

“I lost hope. Today, I walked outside. I saw my neighbors, and visited with them. They tell me it’s going to be ok. But I thought, “I don’t know.”

Kathleen and the entire community of Inwood have been suffering through the frigid cold for two weeks. “Night time is the worse. It’s so dark. I get frightened.”

But today was going to be different. As Kathleen stepped up to the Red Cross Emergency Response Vehicle and took her lunch, tears of gratitude came streaming from her face. She turned to a Red Cross volunteer and hugged her saying, “I love you. Thank you for being here to help us. I love you, Red Cross.”

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