STORY: Loads of Hope in Eatontown, New Jersey

Sandy - Tide Loads of Hope

Monmouth Beach resident Michael Heath evacuated his home in advance of Hurricane Sandy.  When he returned home on Wednesday morning, he discovered the utter mess that Sandy had left behind.

“It was like a washing machine with mud and seawater went through my house,” said Michael. “I was only able to salvage a few photos and some soggy clothing.”

Michael was unable to find anywhere to wash his soggy clothing.  “There was no place to go. All of the laundry mats were closed or were overflowing with customers.”

Today, Michael had a reason to be optimistic as he stood outside the Tide Loads of Hope tent in Eatontown, NJ. In partnership with the American Red Cross, Tide Loads of Hope provides free laundry service to families affected by disasters.  Michael, who was dropping off his laundry for a second day said, “It’s a big help having Tide here.”

Eileen Birkner from Long Branch agreed. “It is an unbelievable help to be able to drop off laundry.  Everyone is being so cool and helpful.”

Since many residents have gone more than a week without electricity, a bag of clean clothing can truly help provide a fresh start to a new day.

Long Branch resident Eileen Birkner drops offs her laundry at the Tide Loads of Hope tent in Eatontown, NJ.

Story and Photo: Julie Daigle/American Red Cross

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