DISASTER UPDATE: Guatemala Earthquake

Dozens of people were killed and over a million were affected by a magnitude 7.4 earthquake that occurred on November 7th off the coast of Guatemala. The Guatemala Red Cross has declared a red alert following the country’s most powerful quake in more than three decades and has begun damage assessments in the affected areas of Guatemala City and San Marcos.

The Guatemala Red Cross is responding with more than 1,200 volunteers. Aftershock preparedness messages were delivered to the community; hygiene kits, blankets, and water filters are being provided to affected families. Volunteers provided trauma treatment for injured and emotional support teams are working in the affected areas.

The Red Cross network has deployed two delegates to the region to assist with assessments. In addition, water bottles, blankets, mosquito nets, plastic sheeting, kitchen supplies and tool kits are en route from a Red Cross warehouse in Panama. The Guatemala Red Cross has not requested additional support from the American Red Cross, but is accepting requests for international family tracing services. The American Red Cross is in close communication with Red Cross partners in the region in case the needs change, and the Restoring Family Links team is available to help those who have lost contact with loved ones in Guatemala.

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