Perfect Partners


“The City of New York and the American Red Cross are the perfect partners for the perfect storm,” is the summary of Michael Rapp who operates the HAM radio center which is co-located with the Red Cross-managed shelter at the Police Athletic League building in Yonkers, New York.

Mr. Rapp said, “Our HAM communications center at the Yonkers Police Athletic League building has been working closely for several years with the Greater New York Red Cross and the City of New York to be prepared for every kind of disaster that could hit the New York area. We’ve been involved in Greater New York Red Cross and City planning, communications, and emergency drills. We’re so proud to be coordinating communications from Yonkers with the Red Cross and City of New York as the storm approached and through the disaster. The City of New York and Red Cross partnership were as ready as we could be for Hurricane Sandy. “

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