Fast Facts: Sandy Response

Across all affected states (Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Virginia/DC and West Virginia):

  • 481,043 meals and snacks served
  • 33,712 relief items distributed
  • 12,029 health and mental health contacts
  • 5,048 disaster workers assigned to operations

More current stats:

  • The entire Red Cross fleet of 323 Emergency Response Vehicles has been activated and have either arrived or are en route: CT/RI (15); MD/DE (7); NY (153); NJ (115); and WV (33).
  • 4 kitchens in NY with capacity of 73,000 meals per day
  • 4 kitchens in NJ with capacity of 80,000 meals per day
  • 2 kitchens in WV with capacity of 30,000 meals per day

Slated to arrive this weekend to provide products for 10,800 families in NY and 13,600 families in New Jersey:

  • 40 trailers of bulk distribution items with clean-up kits, rakes, shovels, tarps, dust masks, work gloves, etc.
  • 20 trailers of clean-up kits

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