STORY: A shelter first for the Todd Family

The Todds, a family of four from Catasauqua, Pa., came to the American Red Cross shelter in nearby Bethlehem on October 30, after losing power in their home.

Hodge Todd, husband and father, was concerned for the well-being of his wife and sons, 7-year-old William and 5-month-old Ethan.  Having never stayed at a shelter before, Todd was understandably nervous.  However, he was pleasantly surprised not only at the overall shelter itself, but also the helpfulness of the Greater Lehigh Valley Red Cross volunteers.

 “The Red Cross is extremely well-prepared, went above and beyond and helped our family feel at-home,” said Todd, about the Red Cross shelter volunteers.

For example, in their rush to leave home, their baby’s formula bag was inadvertently left behind. When they arrived at the shelter, they realized there was no food for their 5-month-old. A Red Cross volunteer immediately drove to the supermarket and purchased formula.

Additionally, Todd had high praise for the Red Cross regarding the food and snacks, table arrangements so they could eat together as a family and the comfortable environment.

The television came in handy, too, especially with entertaining the children at the shelter, he added.


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