Story: Sherie Grinter loves helping people

This story was written by Red Cross worker Erin Caldwell.

Sherie Grinter, from Saratoga, NY, volunteers for more than five organizations and loves what she does. She first got involved with the American Red Cross during Hurricanes Irene and Lee in 2011.

“I heard the news reporter say that the Red Cross was looking for volunteers,” she said. Grinter answered the call and reported for duty shortly after. She was originally assigned to bulk distribution, where she was responsible for counting numbers of supplies and assigning them to various shelter locations.

Grinter soon realized that Red Cross staff and volunteers were putting in grueling hours with little to eat. She understood the need for staff meals and got to work. Before long, she had secured food for volunteers and staff throughout the duration of the two storms.

Under the threat of Hurricane Sandy, Grinter is back to work feeding the many Red Crossers who are working long hours.

She has secured meals from several generous Albany locations, including:
• Price Chopper
• Moe’s Southwest Grill
• Olive Garden
• Red Lobster
• Cheesecake Factory
• Chipotle Mexican Grill
• Wolf 1-11
• Inferno Pizza,
• Taco Bell, and
• Macaroni Grill.

Grinter enjoys the work she does and continues to serve because of what she feels is the reciprocal benefit to her. “The Red Cross is so vital during a disaster when things are massively wrong,” she said. “[They provide] immediate satisfaction for the clients who need them. When I can reassure someone or make him smile when I represent the Red Cross, it is just so satisfying to me.”

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