PHOTOS: Asbury Park, NJ

Hurricane Sandy 2012 Hurricane Sandy 2012 Hurricane Sandy 2012

The National Weather Service warned today that coastal towns from Virginia to Massachusetts are at risk of serious, potentially deadly storm surges over the next 48 hours as Hurricane Sandy makes landfall along the Eastern United States.

Conditions are expected to worsen overnight through tomorrow morning, but rough surf and strong wind gusts were noticeably increasing even this afternoon along New Jersey’s southern coastline.

In Asbury Park, NJ, some local residents lingered on the beach through the afternoon to snap photos and video of the aggravated surf, but once the rain moved in, the scene grew sparse. Evacuations are now in full swing as people prepare themselves for Sandy’s ominous arrival.

“We’ve seen our fair share of hurricanes around here, so we’re pretty well prepared and stocked up,” said one long-time resident strolling the boardwalk. “We lost power for three days after Irene.”

The Red Cross has opened at least 4 shelters in New Jersey, and is supporting several government-run shelters as well. Please visit or download the Red Cross hurricane app for help finding shelters near you.

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