Press Release: Disaster Relief Operations for Hurricane Isaac

Disaster Relief Operations for Hurricane Isaac
The Red Cross is providing help and comfort to the people of Mississippi. We were in these communities before Isaac hit, and we will be helping people for weeks to come.

National Response
(Stats are combined for relief operations in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Puerto Rico and Texas.)

Since Hurricane Isaac first threatened the United State, the Red Cross has:

  • served more than 586,000 meals and snacks;
  • deployed more than 4,900 trained disaster workers to provide emotional support, food, water and supplies like cleanup and personal hygiene items, coolers, shovels, rakes, tarps, gloves and masks to people in need;
  • handed out more than 122,000 relief items and provided 13,000 health services and mental health contacts; and
    opened 158 shelters and provided more than 18,000 overnight stays.

Mississippi Response

  • Red Cross caseworkers are meeting one-on-one with individuals and families to provide guidance and support during the recovery process.
  • The statistics on the back of this flyer reflect the Red Cross Mississippi Region’s services through September 10, 2012.

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