Red Cross Response in Haiti

Red Cross teams will be distributing relief supplies today to help Haitians after Tropical Storm Isaac damaged shelters and flooded several communities. Red Cross Emergency Response Teams (ERTs), which began assessing the effects of the storm as soon as the brunt of it passed through, reported that four camps in Port-au-Prince sustained significant damage and many others were adversely affected. On Sunday, the teams will begin distributing relief supplies such as tarps, hygiene kits, and shelter kits for approximately 2,000 families in the four camps most severely affected.

To date, more than 460,000 Haitians have benefited from American Red Cross disaster preparedness programs, which aim to mitigate the effects of disasters like Tropical Storm Isaac. In an ongoing effort to relocate Haitians from makeshift camps into more stable housing solutions, the American Red Cross has spent or committed more than $130 million on housing programs, including shelter construction or home repairs.

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