Disaster Update: Flooding in Bangladesh

Disaster Update

Bangladesh – The American Red Cross is contributing $100,000 help those affected by severe flooding and landslides caused by heavy rains in Bangladesh.

The disaster has impacted approximately 5 million people in ten districts, killing 139 people and destroying more than 350,000 homes. Thousands remain displaced, living in schools, mosques or makeshift shelters. Because the majority of the country’s population is dependent on agriculture as a main source of income, the crops and livestock destroyed by the flooding has meant few resources remain to help them recover. The spread of waterbourne disease is a rising concern due to many contaminated water sources and more than 10,000 damaged water points. In central regions of the country, rainfall patterns and flooding conditions are expected to get worse.

The Bangladesh Red Crescent has been responding to the needs of those affected since the flooding started in June. They have coordinated search and rescue efforts, and are providing first aid, food, water and relief items. The Bangladesh Red Cross also has deployed emergency assessment teams to help determine the needs of each region.

The American Red Cross contribution will go to cash distribution programs aimed at meeting emergency household needs.

For more information on the disaster, visit http://www.redcross.org.ph.

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