Disaster Update: Flooding in the Philippines

Disaster Update

Philippines – The American Red Cross is contributing $50,000 to help those affected by severe flooding following Typhoons Saola and Tropical Storm Haikui. The flooding has impacted 2 million people and are the heaviest rains on record in the Philippines for the past three years. The rains have caused dams to overflow and generated flash flooding, leaving thousands seeking refuge. In just three days, August 6 to August 8, downpours exceeded half the average monthly rainfall in August. Most recent reports state the flooding has left 92 people dead, nearly 2,700 homes damaged and other 360 homes destroyed.

The Philippine Red Cross has been heavily engaged with rescue and relief operations, mobilizing more than 1,800 staff and volunteers since the onset of the flooding. More than 97,000 people have been served with emergency food packages while another 73,000 have been provided with hot meals in relief centers. As the flood waters receded, and the spread of disease is a rising concern, more than 55,500 liters of fresh drinking water has been delivered as well. In addition, the Philippine Red Cross is providing first aid, psychosocial support and emergency assistance to flood-affected communities. The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies is assisting the Philippine Red Cross with an appeal to support 75,000 people with relief items, food packages, disease prevention, health and hygiene promotion and water and sanitation kits.

For more information on the disaster, visit http://www.redcross.org.ph.

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